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Like I mentioned in the video, I got a request a couple weeks ago to do a tour of my room...I just now got around to doing it, mainly because my room was a disaster before ;) 

I promise you I don't have a sunburn...I just used the video capability on my point and shoot camera (too bad I couldn't use my DSLR, huh? :)) and it likes to do weird things to my face. 

And I apologize about the shaky video...I'm not sure why my hands were so shaky.

Note: I'm trying Vimeo to host this video for the first time...let me know if it doesn't work. I just got sick of Blogger taking forever to upload the stinkin movie.

Okay, I'll stop trying to prolong the inevitable, bite the bullet, and let y'all watch the video. Eek. 

Before watching this video I didn't realize I moved my eyebrows so much when I talk! Upon asking MeMe, she said that I do it all the time. Well. You learn something new about yourself everyday ;) 

As you might have been able to see, my decorating style is sort of modern mixed with a bit of vintage. My room isn't perfectly decorated, but rooms are always a work in progress, aren't they? :) 

What does your room look like? 


PS I would have posted this earlier, but the video took so long to upload! Sorry :)


  1. Abigail8/30/2010

    That was cool, Carlotta! You have a HUGE room!!!!! And I LOVE it! =) I like the colors and how neat your room is! I wish mine was that clean right now.... But It really isn't that bad... I just need so finish laundry!... (which I'm doing right now)

    GIving GOD the Glory!

  2. You have such a cute room :) I love those black&white photographs.


  3. your room is so BIG! and so CLEAN! and very cute :) i love all your little vintage finds, those are SO cute! :)

  4. Oh this is sweet! I love vintage and collage-bulletin boards! My room is very bare right now because I'm going through a minimalist phase, which I hope ends soon.

  5. Very neat video...it's kinda nice to put an actual voice with a face and I think your room is great! Hope you have a great week.

  6. Thanks for sharing. You have a big room. Looks really nice and cozy.

  7. Wow! very cute room! love the structure of the house..bet it's beautiful from the outside as well!

  8. You room is amazing!!! I'm jealous! :)

  9. I love your room! It's beautiful! Plus it's really big. I can see that IKEA plays a big part in your room. :D

    Abby :D

  10. I love your room! I love all the photos you've decorated it with.

  11. We have the same....(drum roll please) EAR BUDS FOR OUR IPODS!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS! This makes me somewhat cool because you have them and you're cool and we have the same ones so I am sorta kinda a little bit cool! (;

  12. Hmm... it seems we are very much alike, Carlotta! My room is definitely vintage mixed with modern... I also have pbteen magazines (scattered all over my room... they're so inspiring!)... I have the same ipod (in blue). Okay, so maybe that doesn't make us "very much alike"... but I thinks it's cool :) Thanks for the room tour! I agree with Ashley, it's nice to put an actual voice with a face :)

  13. You are ssooo cute! I love your room it is super sweet! And also, I personally really like using Vimeo for videos cuz it's easier and faster then youtube or blogger, so I'm glad you've joined vimeo! I hope you post more videos in the future :D

  14. Love your room, Carlotta! It's so nice and big - I'm jealous of your couch and desk:-) Also, I think we have the same laptop. Cute post, sweet gal!

  15. 'Love that dresser! Have you ever thought about painting it to add a op of color to the room?

  16. I can tell you like shopping at Ikea and Target. =) I haven't been to Ikea yet but hopefully I will soon.
    This is strange, but I have the same trash can as you. Also I almost bought the note book (The white one with the birds and the flowers) but my best friend has it so I didn't. I am so jealous of your window seat!! I've wanted one for years!! Anyway thanks for the tour of your room.

    In Christ,

  17. Emmylou8/30/2010

    You have the coolest pad. :-) It's HUUGE. *goes bug-eyed*
    I like your futon and coffe table set up!
    The whole room is great. What an awesome place to hang out! The window seat is sweet too. I love window seats.
    I share a bedroom and a sitting room with my two sisters. In the bedroom we have a raspberry colored bunk bed and a twin bed. It's really crowded in there. We also have a small dresser and a desk and a bookshelf. But it's cute. When it's clean. Which it isn't very often. The sitting room is a disaster. But not for long. Wesa gonna re-decorate it.
    Okay, sorry for rambling. *sheepish grin*

  18. Carlotta I'm so mad we could not see you guys on sunday.

  19. Such a cute room! :)

    Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your comments on my blog!! They mean a lot to me and are very encouraging! :)

  20. Your room is so cool! I love all the old black & white photos. I love the window seat, too. I've always wished I had one. :) I share a room with my sister, and we have 3 cream walls and one red one, with black furniture, I have a red blanket & she has a black & white polka-dotted one. We have some black & white pictures up, too, and a black bookshelf. I love Target, too, that's where my blanket's from, and I always like looking at the PB Teen catalog. But I've never been to IKEA. :)

  21. I LOOOOVE your room!!! It's so sweet, I'm jealous! :)

    Also, I tagged you!

  22. it is presh. and, i was like [woahh!] i have those same exact shoes! and Pink perfume! AND i have my dad's vintage pictures up on my wall. say whaa!
    great minds think alike. (:

  23. nice b'room. Mines a bit of a work in progress right now but it has that vintage look every where my room.

    (I'm a vintage geek)

    nice chest of drawers.

  24. Ooh I have the same PINK body mist! Your room is really nice and you're pretty good on camera! I'm not ready to delve into video blogging myself, I am super awkward when I'm being recorded, haha. Thanks for the comment by the way :)

  25. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Your blog is so cute, and I love the room tour! Mine is still a bit messy yet, hehe... Can't whip out the camera just yet, lol.


  26. Whoa. Your room looks awesome!! It's probably 3x the size of mine, and I love the B&W photos.

    Hmmmm...I'll have to keep thinking about a name for that little, cute elephant ;).

  27. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I'm married to an LCMS pastor in Denver, CO. Where is your dad? What's the name of his church?

    I love your blog! You are quite talented in photography. Keep it up. You are too cute! I will have to keep visiting. Blessings to you.


  28. Ooh, I love your room! My room is somewhat similar in style, though I don't always have the room or time to continue decorating!

    PS- love your blog! Everything's so clean and pretty!

  29. Your room is cool and interesting, which is awesome. I would take interesting room rather than some boring room with nothing!

    I LOVE your blog, too! You're so good at photography-sometimes I wonder if you are professional photographer!

  30. Your room is so cute! I love Paris is well - it's all over my room. :)

  31. I love your room! BTW, we have the same lamp from Target. ;) It's awesome!!



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