miscellaneous ramblings (and the giveaway winner!)


1. i made a new header. You like? It's basically the same header...I just swapped out four of the five photos to make it a little more "fallish". I really like how versatile these types of headers are. I can keep the same design but change up the look of my blog a little bit by switching the photos every once in awhile.

2. i won't keep you in suspense. If you entered the Organic Bloom giveaway, you probably just want to know who's the winner, right? Well, I won't keep you in suspense any longer. The winner of the giveaway is...Polka Dot! Congrats, Polka Dot! Shoot me an email and we'll get you all set up :)

3. hot chocolate. I've really been loving it lately. There's nothing better than a warm mug of steaming hot chocolate on my favorite blue polka dotted coffee cup set. Actually, it's my mom's blue polka dotted coffee cup set. I went so far as to say that when she died, I wanted that set. Is that bad? I mean, I don't want her to be dead. I just really like it.

I digress. On to the photos.

hot chocolate
hot chocolate3
hot chocolate2

See? Don't you understand why I envy it now? ;)

4. could life be a little less crazy, please? Man, this last past week has been an absolute whirlwind. Full of the unexpected. Many, many ups and downs. I wish life had a pause button. In the midst of all this, I really need some time to just think and pray. Some time to get away from it all. Sigh.

5. photo challenge & project 365. My photo challenge is still open if you want to enter! You have until Sunday. I've looked at every single one of the photos submitted so far, but haven't gotten around to commenting on all of them. So, if you entered, and I haven't said anything, don't worry. I will try my best to get around to it!
And Project 365. Well, many of you know about the blog that I reserve specifically for posting a photo everyday. I'm closing it. I have all the photos, but I'm two and a half months behind. It's just too much work to catch up. But I'll still be posting recent photos on here everyday! :)


5. oh dear. I'm becoming rather obsessed with knitting. Knitting?! Yes. It's true. Feel free to slap an old lady sticker on me and get the heck of here. Or, you know, not. I sincerely hope I'm not skipping most of my life and turning into an old lady...please tell me I'm not the only one suffering from EKS*.
But there's something so soothing about knitting, especially with everything that's been going on lately. It's so nice to know that when you hold the needles in your hands and wrap the yarn around them, the yarn will grow. Soon you'll have a long piece of wool (or cotton, or whatever material you use). I love being able to do something that's so predictable in this unpredictable thing we call life.

*Extreme knitting syndrome. It's real, you know. Okay, fine, it's not.

6. six hundred and one. Blog posts, that is. That kind of scares me, actually. I've filled the internet with six hundred and one crazy posts?! Wow. I hope you forgive me ;)


7. i love anthropologieThe first store in the state opened in a shopping center literally a ten minute walk from our house. It was love at first sight. I've seen their items on the website, but that's nothing like seeing it in real life. And the decoration of the store! Oh.my.gosh. J'adore. Now if only I could do something about the prices... ;)

8. real quick. I need to tell you something. It's a secret that comes from the deepest, darkest parts of my heart.

I love chocolate.

Okay, sorry to disappoint you. I just thought I'd let you know - again! ;)


PS This post was a bit longer than I meant it to be. Sorry. I just had a lot to say. And now I'm making it even longer. Have a great day!


  1. I love the new header. You should do a little tutorial on how you do that, because i would LOVE to know how!!! ;-) If you have already done so then I am simply in the dark, LOL. And that store looks FABULOUS! I wish we had one nearby.

  2. The new header is very cute :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I love love Anthropologie. How fun that it is only 10 mintutes away from your house! But, I have to agree, if only the prices were different. Just keep an eye on their sale racks, once I got a coat and 3 shirts for $10 each!

  4. I LOVE hot chocolate too! I am so glad I don't live so close to an Anthro...it would be bad news!

  5. this is going to be a long one just so you know:)
    love that new header. maybe if you could make the background a light brown it would look even more fallish. i'm just saying
    darn i didn't win the giveaway:(
    those hot chocolate photos are so great! i've been having hot chocolate everyday for breakfast and it is SO YUMMY!
    oh yeah, i know what you mean about busy. it's been raining constantly since monday (it's thursday now) and there's been tornado lock downs at school. never a good thing
    i already entered your photo challenge!
    knitting? knitting? i couldn't knit anything if you paid me! i mean, i've tried and all but all i managed to knit before i gave up with a strand with ten stitches:)
    i have 85 blog posts
    never heard of anthropologie but it sounds great!
    i love chocolate too best food ever invented
    sorry this was so long. just had a lot to say today!!!

  6. great thoughts!

    I do not consider knitting oldlady-ish. Definitely not. ;)


  7. #7----I am with you 100%. I would visit anthropologie when I was in Atlanta. Then we moved to Tampa and I run by one 2-3 times per week. Each time I go in I fall in love all over again. Then I look at the price and am heartbroken...okay that is a little drastic, but I do love it and would love for them to decorate my home.

  8. Anthropology... sigh. I wish we had one here. I get so excited every time the catalog comes in the mail. I can only drool over your pictures of the store. haha.

    What program do you use to make your headers? I love them. They look so nice and organized. c:

  9. Love that new header, Carlotta! And I am obsessed with knitting too! (I am knitting a gift for my little sister for christmas. Ssshhh! :)


  10. the new header wonderful; love the fall look! :)

  11. Abigail10/28/2010

    I am JUST like you!!!! I LOVE to knit!!! And chrochet!!!! My sisters and parents (jokingly) call me an old lady. But I think it's a goood thing to learn!!!
    Oh, and I ♥♥♥♥ Anthropologie, too!! I bought my mom's mother's day gift from there (online).

    Giving GOD the Glory!

  12. Oh my gosh!! I looove knitting... it's definitely relaxing. Kind of like therapy, haha! :)

    Beautiful header!! Simple, and very pretty and fall-ish!

  13. Anthropologie! Oh, I am so obsessed with that store...but I knoow. The prices are ridiculous. I just watch the site for things to go on sale :) hehe

  14. ohmygoodness the Anthropologie store in the mall like 5 minutes away from my house is gorgeous.........I love just going in the and touching and staring awestruck at everything <3

  15. Carlotta, I love knitting! I know, it might seem like an "old lady" thing, but it's so relaxing. I've been completely enthralled with it lately.

    I've also been obsessed with hot chocolate lately as well... ;) CHOCOLATE. CHOCOLATE. CHOCOLATE. I love it too. What would we do without chocolate? ;)

    You sound A LOT like me. I read your posts and everything about you, and you sound like we could be twins. It's not even funny. ;) It's like we have almost EVERYTHING in common... ;)

    Ok, i'll stop typing so much... I'm too wordy.

  16. Hey, what's wrong with old ladies?

  17. The header looks great! I love the photos you used.

  18. Haha....I guess you would have to count me in as an old lady as well, because I love crocheting! That blue polka cup is GORGEOUSLY vintage...and if I was the daughter I would make sure that I would end up with it. :-)

  19. I love your new header!

    And hooray for knitters - I seem to be suffering from EKS as well...it's very addicting is it not? ;)


  20. Love your new header! How did you make it?

    Congrats to Polka Dot!

    Love the coffee cup too! So cute!

    Life is crazy these days. I'm so busy almost everyday!

    That's so cool that you knit! I wish I knew how to knit!

    That's a lot of posts girl! But I love every single one of them!

    That store looks really cool!

    I LOVE chocolate too! It's crazy how much I eat! Haha

    Sorry this is such a long comment! I guess it goes with the long post! haha!

  21. My reactions:

    #3- My mom has done just the opposite- she says, "Okay, Margaret, you can have the Christmas dishes or the Wedgewood after I die. Your brothers can choose after you." I am thinking, "Mom, I love you to pieces and you're not even 50 yet!" Haha, mothers are the best. :)

    #5- Knitting! I love it too! I am working on making socks for all my friends Christmas gifts. {Hey, I used the word 'Christmas' 2X in this comment. I think I am already getting excited...}

    Okay, sorry about the randomness, Carlotta! Have a beautiful day! <3
    ~Margaret R.

  22. I too have EKS. haha. I've knit 4 pairs of mittens in the past week. But the sad thing is that my Grampa calls me an old lady! oh well. =)

  23. Yay Polka Dot!! Congrats, girly! :)

    This post is too much fun! The new header is ah-dorable. Aaand, that polka dot coffee?! SO CUTE!

    What are you working on right now? I wish I could knit...sadly, I've tried - and failed.

  24. Carlotta, I LOVE the pictures!!! out of curiosity, are you homeschooled???
    I am, so your post with the note about the online class (i know what you mean, trust me!) sparked my interest.
    Just wondering!

  25. Love the header. I like when you can keep the same but change just a tad of it. to make it seem new.

    Love these shots. I entered your challenge a bit late..

    and in two weeks I will start my challenge come by and tell me what you think.

  26. I love knitting, and have suffered through EKS many times. :) You're not alone!

  27. New follower here! You have such a cute blog :D

  28. 1. Love the header
    2. I love chocolate
    3. I love hot chocolate
    4. I love to knit :):) (BETCHA DIDNT KNOW THAT!)
    5. Yeah. I don't have a 5.


  29. Absolutely love the new header-it's the perfect fall addition! As for hot cocoa, I made a batch yesterday and was in heaven-but my cup wasn't nearly as cute as your/Mom's!

  30. Funny you should mention hot chocolate because I've been holding off on having a mug of it until after lunch. After seeing your beautiful photos I don't know if I can wait any longer!

  31. I love the new header!

    And, no, you aren't the only one-I LOVE knitting :) LOVE!

  32. Nice fall header! Congrats to Polka Dot! Lovely coffee set. I would want it too! :) I used to knit, but then I stopped. Now that it's slowly getting colder I should pick up the needles again and make a nice scarf! Great post! :)

  33. You have a really great blog! The design is so clean and classic and your photography is spot on. Thanks for stopping by my blog today so that I could check out yours!!! I speak sarcasm too, so you might feel right at home!
    Come back ANYtime... (that wasn't sarcasm)

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  34. Hey! I knit too! It's silly to say that only old ladies knit. It requires internal piece and concentration, not too many people can afford to sit down for an hour and just knit, but I enjoy it and happy you like it as well!

  35. Kaley Grace - I'm making a scarf at the moment... :)

  36. Love that knitting picture. I, myself, get totally obsessed with crochetting... Mostly scarfs, that's all I really know how to make!

    Aren't the Anthro stores dreamy? I'd totally move in to one and live there the rest of my life if I could...!

  37. Great photos as always. Was it hard to make your header and blog design. I want to do something like that, that is simple to change out. Any advice would be great. Thanks! :)

  38. You're not an old granny for knitting! I knit and crochet!! haha, I'll be an old granny with you :)

  39. SO nice to meet you!
    I know what you mean about the 'pause' button!
    I so wish we had one too!
    Hope you have a good week-end coming!

  40. Oh how fabulous! I would love to read along! Am a new follower. Use to live in South Africa and now in US and am sad to say seldom get back there more than once every three years!

  41. The header looks fantastic!! 500 followers, way to go!!!!! Woohoo!!

    By the way EKS is a very serious condition, I have it as well and there are hardly any organizations that raise awareness for the syndrome. Sad really, as there is no cure. All you can do is keep knitting.

    ...oh great look what I did, went and made myself sound like a complete goof. If I say I also am loving hot chocolate right now would you still be my friend? :)

  42. There is very much that I would like to say.
    Hot chocolate = my dearest love in life.
    I LOVE blue polka dots!
    Don't worry - you're not an old lady for knitting. Or, maybe we both are?! I am a beloved knitter, sometimes going crazy for weeks on end knitting up a storm, sometimes taking a break for a few months, but I LOVE the feel of the needles in my hands and the isles and isles of yarn in stores!
    Anthropologie is a WONDERFUL place. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
    You are very funny and you make me crack up over my laptop! :D


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