confessions part three.


confession: I'm in denial that it's 2011. In serious denial. How can that be possible?

confession: Remember my winter break list? I only got about half of it done. Eek. But at least I got part of it done, right? It's better than nothing.

confession: I'm considering starting up project 365 again. My last time trying it was a bit of a flop...I took a picture everyday, but after August, I procrastinated when it came to posting the shots on my project 365 blog. So far, I've taken a picture everyday this year. I'm thinking about starting a set on Flickr specifically for all my photos...or maybe I'll just keep them in a folder on my computer and occasionally share some of my favorite shots on here. I don't know. What do you think?

confession: I really didn't want to go back to school. At all. January and February are my least favorite months, as it's the coldest time of the year, they're filled with tests, and there's no break in sight. Christmas break, I miss you.

confession: While I think they're rather ugly and make my feet look bigger than they really are, I pretty much live in my Uggs.

confession: There are way too many projects that I've started but not finished. I need to work on that.

confession: I have a biology presentation due tomorrow and I only have a rough draft done. Guess what I'll be doing today?

confession: I don't know what I would do without my camera. Or my laptop, for that matter. Actually, I know what I'd do. I'd be in serious trouble.

confession: I adore lowercase letters. Really, really adore them. I've allowed myself to write post titles, blog name, sidebar titles, and a few other things in lowercase, but I'm not letting myself write entire posts without proper capitalization. You have to draw the line somewhere, right?

confession: I am so out of shape. On Sunday we had some friends over and we were playing capture the flag in the backyard for an hour and a half or two. Two days later, I'm still sore. Yikes. Yet another goal for 2011: exercise everyday. Even if the weather is awful, I can still do sit-ups and push-ups.

confession: I'm rather frightened of the future. I'm scared of growing up. Going to college. Completing all the tests that come with the graduation of high school. I've been listening to Never Grow Up (that was the best link I could find - sorry about the slightly off pitch) by Taylor Swift pretty much nonstop lately...even though I know I'm still young, I can totally relate.

the globe

Do you have anything you'd like to confess? It's so, so freeing. Really.


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  1. I'm nervous that I don't know how to prepare for where (I feel) God's leading me, and I'm worried about paying for college. Zooiikneees

  2. That's a rather long list of confessions, Carlotta! :)

  3. Confession: I LOVE your cute new bloggy face-lift! And, I've started my first project 365 this year, and I'm having so much fun with it :)

  4. P.S. Love this photo too!! :)

  5. I have a lot of things piling up inside that I need to get off my chest. I did a post called The Honesty Policy last year and I think it might just need a friend. The Honesty Policy Strikes Back... Thanks Carlotta :)

  6. I'm scared of growing up too. Excited, but scared. Don't worry. You're not the only one. :) I can't wait to graduate, but then again I want to stay 14 forever.


  7. First, I adore that photo. Seriously, I'm in love;) Loved reading your confessions, Carlotta...totally agree with you about the Ugg thing;)

  8. I live in my uggs too:)

  9. 1) I have to post's designs on my blog.

    2) I have to catch up on a lot of homework.

    3) I have to workout!!!

    4) And get my hair cut a little ( if getting my haircut counts as a confessions :/ )

  10. Confession: I'm on my computer almost all day's pretty sad, and I need to spend
    %75 percent less time...or more.

    It does feel good to get stuff out, doesn't it?
    Good luck on your project!

  11. {Oh, and I hardly excersize at all}
    List to self: excersize daily!

  12. You've basically described my life in this post. I know exactly what you mean. Although college really isn't all that scary ;). I'm afraid for what's beyond that... I love that song :) I can totally relate. One of my favorite songs ever. Taylor Swift has a way of putting my thoughts and feelings into words that are amazing. ♥

  13. Oh, and my 365 project? it was a total fail. I stopped posting pictures after day 40 something and I kind of failed at taking a picture everyday oops. I too have been contemplating starting something like it up again. haven't decided yet...

  14. I need to workout too! :/

    You have inspired me to do a confession post on my blog! :)

    with love,

  15. Confession: I have done a confessions post!
    Thanks for the inspiration. :)
    You are my favorite blogger!

  16. Confessions. I'm very lazy and relaxed. I need to get up and start moving instead of sitting at my computer all day. It's becoming a bit of an obsession.

  17. Ahh Carlotta! A girl of my own heart! Loads of this is exactly what I've been thinking lately. I also am in SERIOUS denial that's 2011. I'm nervous about high school and many, many things this year. I'm getting back into shape. I have been for a few months. Although I've been going outside, it hasn't been the best weather lately. This is supposed to be summer; but there's not a sunny day in sight. Getting into shape has been great for me mentally. Before I felt sad all the time. Now I'm happy and bubbly and seriously CRAZY!
    Mahalia xxxxxxxxxxx
    P.S I'm scared of the future too...

  18. Even though I have five more years to think about which university(I want to go there, not to collage) I'm going to, I already know which one I will attend! I'm EXTREMELY excited for my future life; I can't WAIT to get out of school! There's too much prejudice there. ;)

  19. Great confessions. If you do decide to do a 365 you can link up with my blog. I am taken a photo a day, but just posting them once a week. Check out my blog for more info if you want.

  20. I'm actually the opposite... I can't wait until college. :)

  21. carlotta, i LOVE reading these. amazing picture too. it's so unique!

    i confess...
    i need to blog more.
    i worry to much, especially about college coming up.
    i'm in love with the movie Enchanted.

  22. That's exactly how I feel! It's sometimes weird because I want to grow up so fast but at the same time I just want to be a kid. Taylor Swift preaches it well(; I love her new CD, do you have it?
    You should totally do another project 365!
    PS: I really like your blog color thing you've got with the gray and pink.
    PPS: (ha.) I like your picture at the end of the post!


  23. Abigail1/05/2011

    I would LOVE it if you would start back Project 365!!!! Great post!


  24. I totally agree with you about not wanting to grow up! :)

  25. You've started back at school. I don't until the 20 something of January I think :)
    Love your confessions!

  26. No confessions -they only free me from guilt but not from my responsibility
    No resolutions since I break them anyway -just a waste of time for me.
    From an older sister -wait till you get there -then you'll remember these things that you make a face at right now:)


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