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What is the Best Canister Vacuum For A Small Home?

There are many things that you should take into consideration when looking for the best canister vacuum, chief of which will be what you plan to use the vacuum on. Do you intend to use the vacuum on just carpets and furniture, or hard floors as well? Will pet hair be involved? These questions will help you pick the right canister vacuum for you without spending too much money.

Most department stores sell canister vacuum cleaners as well as specialty vacuum stores. For the best canister vacuum, your best bet will probably be to purchase from either an online store where you can read customer reviews or a specialty store that will let you handle and play with a myriad of different models. Most specialty vacuum stores only carry one brand, however, so you will want to visit a few of them to get an idea of which brand of vacuum is going to suit you and your needs. These stores are often staffed with people that know the ins and outs of all the vacuum cleaners on their floor, and are experts at helping you select the best canister vacuum.

When it comes to vacuums, much of the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive, at least within a single brand, generally comes down to the feature set and tools included. This is important to consider because if you have no need for the various tools that the top of the line model comes with, why pay the extra money? On the flip side, if you do have a need for those extra tools, it will probably be less expensive to purchase them with the unit as one whole package than it would be to add those tools later on. Not only that, but some tools may not work with lower end vacuums, and they will also lack some of the nicer, more luxurious features of the high end models. Even if you choose to shop from a local specialty vacuum store, it would not hurt to do some research online first. Vacuum cleaners are not the cheapest of appliances, so before you make your choice, you may as well get the opinions of others. Many different websites offer reviews of various vacuum cleaners for you to peruse.

One last thing to consider – many vacuums have maintainable parts. Although these parts will allow the vacuum to last longer than some others, you do have to consider just how much you will be using the vacuum. Even the lightest, cheapest vacuum can handle a studio apartment for many years with no issues. However, the biggest most expensive canister vacuum will be more of a pain than it is worth trying to fit it into such a small place. Conversely, you will quickly burn through cheap vacuums in a 3000 square foot house, making the purchase of a more expensive and more durable machine a much better idea. Finally, no matter how big your home, if there will be pet hair involved, the best canister vacuum will be one that specializes in pet hair.

Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner Review

The Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner is a highly rated carpet cleaning machine because of its various cleaning features. It is highly acclaimed for it’s pressurized jet cleaning feature which helps combat pet stains and wide path cleaning for improved and greater cleaning efficiency.

Here is a look at its other features and benefits:

SpinScrub technology for wide path cleaning

The Max Extract 60 comes with Hoover’s patented SpinScrub technology comprising of 6 counter-rotating brush heads which effectively eliminate dirt and stains from all angles. These 6 brush heads also provide wide path coverage of about 13 inches while cleaning, which helps saves time while cleaning large areas.

Pressurized water jet

The carpet cleaner also sprays pressurized water to deep clean stubborn stains which the SpinScrub mechanism misses. This is best for pet owners who need to periodically remove urine and poop stains, and people who have carpets dirty because of  high traffic.

High power with wide path cleaning

The machine runs on high power of 10 amps which is rather close to the cleaning efficiency of professional grade machines.

Separate water tanks and detergent compartment

The Hoover Max Extract 60 has separate water tanks for clean and dirty water which makes it easy to individually remove and drain and fill each compartment. This is a feature many users like as it’s much easier to handle than machines with single tanks. With its separate detergent compartment, any leftover detergent can also be used the next time.

Only rinse

The carpet cleaner has an only rinse mode to only rinse the carpet when required. It helps clean off soap from the carpet and is a feature many users like as it helps remove as much detergent residue from carpets as possible. This in turn helps make the carpet safe and clean for pets and small children to play on.

Additional tools

The Hoover Max Extract 60 comes with an upholstery tool which makes cleaning upholstery so easy while its 9 ft. hose helps in cleaning stairs. As the machine has a 20ft cord, it provides flexibility while moving the machine around larger areas while cleaning as there’s no need of repeatedly plugging and unplugging the machine.

Carpets dry faster

The heated air feature of the Hoover Max Extract pushes hot air to carpets to help them dry faster. Moreover, its Dual V Nozzle technology provides additional suction power to extract as much water into the dirty water tanks. Both these features help carpets dry faster after a thorough cleaning.


  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Large sized separate tanks for clean and dirty water
  • Better and wider cleaning power and path
  • Saves detergent with its separate detergent compartment while rinse mode provides for carpet rinsing
  • Heated air feature and Dual V Nozzle technology help carpets dry faster
  • Pressurized water jet helps clean stubborn stains


  • Absence of a powered SpinScrub hand tool
  • Rather expensive when compared to other Hoover machines
  • Absence of multiple brush head speeds to choose from