Full body pillow review

Full body pillow review

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase but one of its drawbacks is your expanding tummy which makes it difficult for you to sleep comfortably. There is a remedy for you here in the form of a full body pillow.

This is a long pillow which provides support and comfort to your entire body while you sleep, especially on the side. It may be the perfect pillow for you if your mornings start with a sore back because of improper sleep and the wrong sleeping position.

It is in fact a great investment for not only pregnant women, but also men and children with back or neck pain, or just want a good night’s sleep with its all-over body support. Most of these pillows are as long as the length of your body, about 5 to 6 feet long and minimally reach from head to knees. You thus have something to rest not only your head but also your arms and legs on.

Different shapes

Full body pillows come in various shapes from C-shaped to U-shaped pillows and rectangular to less-structured designs. It’s up to you to choose your desired shape based on your sleeping style and the extra spinal support you need.

The C-shaped pillow is shaped just like the letter C, and is perfect for those who prefer sleeping in a riding position. You saddle its base in between your legs while its top is used for resting your head. Your back then rests in the C’s curve which in turn offers the spinal support which reduces pressure on your spine.

The U-shaped pillow offers support to both sides and is suitable for those who usually sleep on their back, but are finding it difficult to do so today because of a larger belly. This full body pillow also supports the back, head and legs.

Pillow fillings

The filling of the pillow further improves or sometimes, spoils the pleasure of sleeping in a full body pillow.

  • The cheaper pillows usually have Styrofoam ball filling which is lightweight and quickly adapts to your body shape. However they tend to make noise when you move around the pillow.
  • Polyester fiber however doesn’t make noise and its amount determines the firmness of the filling. It is very popular filling but unfortunately, doesn’t breathe as well as other fillings.
  • Full body pillows with a micro-bead filling (fine balls about 1/32” wide) feel like they have sand in them but are very lightweight, making it convenient to carry the pillow around. They also don’t make noise and are much more supportive than Styrofoam balls.
  • Memory foam pillows adopts your body shape as you press against it and regains to its original shape once you get up. As memory foam tends to build up heat, some manufacturers shred and use it in the pillows to let air circulate in it and reduce the heat.

It’s always better buying a hypoallergenic full body pillow if you have breathing complications, asthma or allergy sensitivities as the pillow help prevent allergies from triggering.

It’s thus left to you to choose the right full body pillow based on your preferred sleeping position, the filling you are most comfortable in and of course, it’s length.

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